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The Volunteers Arrive!

These last two weeks have seen the arrival of 6 new volunteers from Ireland and the UK- Bernie, Tara, Maura, Clare, Emma and Klara! After a few days at the school to observe some lessons. We even played some sports like badminton and volleyball. The children have really taken to volleyball with the school team beating some of the local secondary school teams! This week, each of the teachers have been paired with a Malawian teacher to get to know each other and work together to see what teaching resources and teaching techniques would be best for their standard.



Emma is helping to make some displays for Science and Technology lessons in Standard 4 and 5. This should give the volunteers time to add exciting displays to the brand new walls ready to engage students at the start of the new school year.





Clare and Maura have been making fake money resources which have been very popular with the children who think that we are printing real money!


Bernie had the teachers from Std 6 making some posters by the end of the week also! Lot’s of great posters have been made!





The football pitch is coming along nicely. As expected it has been very difficult to water the pitch as it is so big…. but Kenneth had an idea to purchase a petrol water pump and use it at the local pond/spring. The only thing missing was the 100m + of pipes that was needed to reach all areas of the football pitch. The local community came together and have allowed the school to use their own pipes once a week to water the pitch during the year. We are going to test the whole system this week. At the community meeting it was also decided that the local football team would help to plant the remaining patches of the pitch with grass! This is great to see!



The most important development, the new classrooms are progressing quickly now with the completion of the roof! We are focusing on finishing one of the classrooms as soon as possible for a new project that will soon be at Matandani called “Unlocking Talent”. There will be an update just on this next week!


The children from Standard 1 and 2 even helped the builders to carry over the broken bricks around the school for the preparation of the floor!





The students in standard 1 & 2 have been experimenting with using an iPad and projectors for Maths and Chichewe lessons. All the students seemed fascinated by the new equipment and really engaged with the teacher. Take a look at the pictures below….. all eyes are on the board! Its been a great success so far!


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