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Project 2019 – NEW Classroom Block Started!

We are delighted to have been able to start the work on the new classroom block at Matandani earlier than we had hoped. Thanks to our volunteers Mary and Malachy, they have fundraised enough money to construct this building completely! We are going to build two badly needed classrooms with a storage/office space in-between. This is a very important development in keeping with our ‘School Development Plan’ in our quest to get huge class sizes down. We are getting closer to our aim of having a two classrooms for every standard 1- 8.

We started the build on the 7th of May. With a little help from the supportive local chief, the builders marked out the foundations of the 24m classroom block. Everything in rural Malawi is still done without the use of machines, so the team of builders started digging out the foundations by shovel and pick!

Work has been progressing at a very good pace with the foundations dug out and the actual foundations started. Deliveries of cement and bricks have been steadily coming over the last couple of weeks and as you can see form the pictures below, the foundations have almost been completed!

We have a great team of builders who have worked with us for the last number of years. They are very keen to show off how far the building has been completed by the time we arrive in July. They are awaiting the next delivery of materials and keen to start the walls of the classroom now……


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