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“Tech Club” Week 2

The second and concluding week consisted of the compilation of the final Tech Club video to be presented to the learners’ parents on Thursday. Most days were spent refining the Matandani improvement videos with some groups retaking scenes on three separate occasions to perfect their video. Here, a learner named Christopher explains the benefits that the new printer and photocopier have brought to the school.



In further preparation of the final video, the instructors taught the learners proper interviewing techniques so they could record the opinions of teachers as well as younger learners. By the sixth day the final video was shaping up quite nicely with creative interviews from the learners, detailed interviews from the adults, and adorable interviews from the children. The learners were excited to see all their work together in one piece in the rough draft of the final video. Below, standard 3 learner, Salome Kaole talks about the introduction of the iPads at Matandani.

The last aspect of videography the learners picked up was video editing. A day was spent rotating small groups between filming and meeting with either Vicki or Kyle to delve into the intricacies of iMovie. In iMovie, the learners got practice splicing video clips, cutting out unusable footage, manipulating audio of clips, adding sound effects and music, and putting titles on interviews.

Soon enough, Thursday came along and once the parents filed in, the Tech Club learners began registering them on the OneCourse software. The parents then enjoyed a ten-minute session on Chichewa and masamu. They enjoyed it so much that they were very disappointed when the session ended. The kids then showcased all the pictures and videos they took over the past week and half, greatly impressing their parents with their familiarity and skill with the iPad technology. Some groups even taught the parents how to take a picture!

The meat of the meeting came with the presentation of the revised final video. All eyes were glued to the projector screen as the learners reveled in the display of their efforts and the parents marveled at the quality of their children’s work. As a final hurrah, everyone was shown a bird’s eye tour of Matandani taken via drone camera. Andy acquired the footage and Kyle assembled and edited the video. It was a day filled with praise and good feeling.

On Friday, for the final day of Tech club, the learners were shown the movie, Black Panther as a celebration of their hard work and determination in the club. The kids enjoyed drinks and popcorn as they cheered for king Tchala’s victories.

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