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NEW Children’s Toilets!

The biggest project of 2016 was the building of new toilets at Matandani. We completed the teacher’s toilet block last September and the brand new toilet blocks for the children are now complete as well! There are 4 new toilets within the girl’s block and another 4 in the boy’s block. These toilets are built in a different way to the old toilets as the septic tank is not built below the toilets but gladly at a distance behind them. The toilets we built are not like the usual toilets we use here but they are similar to the ones they use on a daily basis…. these toilets also flush manually with a bucket of water. This helps keep the toilets cleaner, smell better and much nicer to use.

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The best thing about the new blocks is that it now gives each standard (class) their very own toilet for the boys and another toilet for the girls. Each standard (class) will look after their own toilets and with the finished sinks in each of the classrooms, the hygiene facilities are now at a good minimum standard at the school.

The ratio of toilets to children at Matandani is down from 112 to 75.

This is great news but there is still a lot more to do to get this down to a more reasonable number.

20150601_092430                              whatsapp-image-2016-10-22-at-14-11-48

Before  (old)                       ——-                     After   (new)


How the toilets were built:        Scroll left or right:


With the older toilets, we are going to try out something different. The septic tanks are directly below the toilet in the older blocks…. so we have found an insert that can be put over the hole to seal it. It has a trap door system so whenever the toilet is used, everything goes through the trap door and then it automatically shuts afterwards. We will install these in the older blocks over the next week or two and then compare over the next few months between these and the new type of toilets we already installed, to see which is easier to use, maintain and is most cost effective.

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