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Life Changing for 6 Special Students!

After the success of the eye testing and glasses for the children who needed them, I have decided to attempt a new child centred medical project at Matandani! It was always very frustrating to see some of the children with a condition called “clubfoot”.

I recently found out that this condition is treatable! There is a hospital in Blantyre called “BEIT Cure” who have lead a project to try and eradicate the problem of clubfoot from Malawi. I decided to visit this hospital and tell them about the 6 children we have at Matandani about their problems. They told me that identifying these children when they are young (under 4) makes treating this condition very easy! It just requires casting and physio over 3 to 4 weeks and its gone! They have clinics all over the country who can do this and even better is that its free! The only problem is awareness and the travel costs it costs the family to get to the clinic each week for 3-4 weeks!


C         This is Ishmael and Raheem – (brothers)                                                               Ishmael and Raheem with their dad

Ishmael walking in the video above

However, when the child is of school going age (like these 6), it is more difficult to treat. But it still is possible. They have to start with casting for 5 – 6 weeks to try and straighten and stretch the muscles/cartilage. After this there is a need for surgery with a little more physio afterwards! Once this is all complete, the child will be able to walk as normal – resulting in a hugely life changing moment for the child and family! However if this is not treated, it will progressively get worse and will make it almost impossible to walk when they become teenagers!


We have started to bring the children to be seen as BEIT Cure will treat all children under 18 for free! The only problem is transporting these children to the clinic along with their parents! As you can see from the pictures, we started with two brothers to get seen first, and have brought the other 4 for the first-time last week! Taking these children to the clinic and again to Blantyre for their surgery takes many trips in the car, and I will need help to be able to afford the petrol for all these journeys! If anyone is willing to help me out on this project that will completely transform the lives of these 6 children, please get in contact with me! WhatsApp: +353857877660 or Email:

I will give up every Monday to bring these children (multiple trips each Monday) but it will cost about €60 per child for their transport costs for the 6-8 visits to the clinic in Zomba and then their travel to Blantyre for the surgery! All the treatment is free and the clinic in Zomba has even given us child friendly wheelchairs and walking sticks when needed for the children to still be able to go to school while they are getting treated! I’ve been so impressed by the doctors and physios with their knowledge and dedication as well as their care for the children with clubfoot!

Let’s help BEIT Cure to eradicate clubfoot from Matandani and help raise awareness of this great initiative in the surrounding area!

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