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What does food look like?

/What does food look like?

What does food look like?

Lunch will be provided at the school each day and consists of rice, meat/eggs and some basic vegetables.

Cooking at the lodge or at home can be difficult but some local groceries can be bought in the village. If you are staying at the Welcome lodge, it has a restaurant which can provide breakfast, lunch and dinner for reasonable prices.


Zomba is a large city and has a selection of restaurants at different price ranges. Some recommendations include:

  • Casa Rossa – Great tasting Italian food, but pricey by Malawian standards.
  • Tasty Bites – A mixture of every type of food.
  • Steers – A South African burger place much like McDonalds.
  • African Heritage – A lovely cafe selling salads and light bites and sandwiches and he best coffee in town.
  • Pakachere Hostel – An international hostel with good food, outdoor fires and volleyball.
  • Dominos – A restaurant with a mixture of western food such as burgers and pizzas.

Liwonde has a smaller selection of restaurants. Some recommendations include:

  • Hippo Lodge – A popular tourist lodge off the main road selling dishes aimed at tourists. They also have a swimming pool.
  • Baobab Restaurant – A local restaurant selling very tasty and affordable local cuisine. ( A big hit with Andy)
  • Zest Lodge – A pricey gated lodge by the main road selling a mixture of local and international food.

It would be advisable to do a weekly shop to get all the things you’ll need for the working week. Zomba is the best place for a wider choice of luxury foods like chocolate and coffee.

Soft drinks like Coke, Fanta and Sprite can be bought everywhere. They usually work on a bottle return system and cost less than 300MK each.

Alcohol is available in bottle shops, bars and restaurants. Carlsberg is the main beer and Malawi Gin & tonics are a great hit with expats. A beer cost about 800MK.

Tap water is drinkable at the school. If you prefer however you can buy bottled water easily. Also bringing a water filtration system from back home could be useful for longer staying volunteers.

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