About the Project

water The Matandani project started in 2012. Andy Monaghan, an Irish primary-school teacher, reached the Domasi region of Malawi after 18 months of travelling and teaching around the world. In Domasi, he volunteered at a community-run collection of rural nursery schools. Together with local and international volunteers, he built up the capacity of these schools to give poor kids a valuable headstart in their education.

water Andy came into contact with Matandani Primary School because all of the children in the nursery schools fed into it. He saw a school that faced many challenges: huge class-sizes, an uninspiring environment, inconsistent teacher attendance and performance, limited and antiquated resources, and gaps in basic infrastructure (e.g., water, electricity, toilets). As a result, the gains made in the nursery schools were likely to be quickly lost. But Andy also saw promise. Several teachers, in particular, were frustrated and keen to make changes.


In conjunction with the school’s management team and community leaders, the four primary ways envisaged to tackle these issues were:

  1. Renovate existing facilities and build new ones.
  2. Introduce new approaches to teaching and administration
  3. Invest in modern IT equipment and a wider range of teaching resources
  4. Assess and improve students’ all-round well-being


This holistic approach is the best way to help Matandani’s students improve their educational opportunities. A lot has been achieved already, but there is still much to be done!


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