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About Malawi

Malawi is a south eastern African country, nicknamed  the “Warm Heart of Africa” for its friendly people. Malawi is among the smallest African countries! It is landlocked but it has a lake that measures over 1/5 of the size of the country.

National Flag

  • The Red Sun signifies the rising sun as a new dawn of freedom and hope for Malawi

  • Black represents the people of Malawi who are predominantly black Africans

  • Red stands for the blood spilt in Malawi’s struggle for independence and freedom

  • Green represents our land, its evergreen nature, fertility and agriculture potential

Malawi National Crest

  • The national crest shows the rising sun representing the dawn of freedom in Africa, at the top and bottom of the shield.

  • The fish eagle and the wavy blue and white bands on the shield symbolise Lake Malawi.

  • The lion and the leopard support and guard the whole crest. The land at the base is the rugged Mount Mulanje.

  • The Coat of Arms states the national motto “Unity and Freedom”.

National Symbols

Thompsons Gazelle

The Lotus

Random Facts


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