About Malawi

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This is the Official Malawi Flag:


Malawi Flag Meaning:
The Malawi flag features a black stripe that represents the people of Africa.

The color red stands for the blood spilt in Malawi’s struggle for independence and freedom.

The color green symbolizes the country’s land and vegetation.

The rising sun represents the  hope of the countries future becoming better for all its people.


This is a map of Malawi: with Malawi’s national animal, bird and flower.

malawi map proper


 Malawi National Coat of Arms:


The national crest shows the rising sun representing the dawn of freedom in Africa, at the top and bottom of the shield. The fish eagle and the wavy blue and white bands on the shield symbolise Lake Malawi. The lion and the leopard support and guard the whole crest. The land at the base is the rugged Mount Mulanje. The Coat of Arms states the national motto “Unity and Freedom”.


Ireland to Malawi on Google Maps

How far is the distance from your school in Ireland to the capital city of Lilongwe in Malawi?

How would you travel to Lilongwe?

Calculate how long it would take you by foot and by car.


Malawi Money 750 kwach to 1 Euro

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For any more information or to answer any questions you might have about Malawi, the country, its culture or its people, check out this fantastic website:


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